Types of Insurances


insures your exhibition stand and exhibits.

The insurance protection covers damage or loss arising through transport accident, theft, burglary, mains water, fire, lightning, disappearance, elementary events and breakage.

During Opening hours of the fair the insured goods have to be supervised by the policy holder, the insured or by the policy holder's representatives.

The following exceptions apply:
Books and other printed matter are not insured against theft or loss during the event; consumer goods, such as food, beverages and tobacco products that are served during the event, as well as the associated dishes and cutlery, are not insured against theft, loss, breakage and damage.

The following articles require separate insurance cover:
Real furs, genuine jewellery, gold and silver items, roal carpets, works of art, postage stamps, plants and live animals.

The insurance premium
shall be calculated on basis of the value of the exhibition stand, the exhibits and fragile materials in EURO.
Minimum 100,-- EUR plus insurance tax


If you cause loss or damage to visitors or other participants in the fair, this third-party insurance will provide compensation for up to 3.000.000,-- EURO combined in the case of injury to persons and damage to property.

The insurance premium
shall be calculated on the basis of the number of people employed on the exhibition stand.
Per person 15,-- EURO
Minimum 75,-- EURO plus insurance tax


for people employed on the exhibition stand.
This policy provides cover up to 50.000,-- EURO in the case of invalidity,
10.000,-- EURO in the case of death,
5.000,-- EURO for cosmetic operations necessitated by an accident and
5.000,-- EURO for rescue costs.

The insurance premium
is 25,-- EURO plus insurance tax per person covered.
Minimum 50,-- EURO plus insurance tax


covers losses up to 2.000,-- EURO per person. Higher insurance sums are possible by special agreement only.

The insurance premium
is 25,-- EURO per person plus insurance tax
Minimum 50,-- EURO plus insurance tax

Insurance protection commences with payment of the insurance policy but not before the date stated in the contract. If the first payment is not called for until after this time but then paid immediately, the insurance protection shall begin from the date stated.


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